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International conference «Phase Transitions, Critical and Nonlinear Phenomena in Condensed Matter»

XV International Workshop «Magnetic Phase transitions»

The meetings will be held on September 10-15, 2023 at Amirkhanov Institute of Physics, Dagestan Scientific Center RAS.

Conference dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


  1. General issues of the physics of phase transitions and critical phenomena;
  2. Modeling of phase transitions and critical phenomena;
  3. Magnetic phase transitions;
  4. Critical phenomena in liquids;
  5. Topological materials, magnetotransport and spintronics;
  6. Shape memory alloys, magnetocaloric materials, multiferroics;
  7. Nonlinear phenomena and chaos in physical systems.

The conference and seminar program will include reports of considerable scientific and practical interest and containing new, previously unpublished results. Accepted reports will be published in the conference proceedings.

To participate at the conference a registration form must be submitted. For each report, a separate registration form must be submitted.

Organizing Committee

Chairmen: A. Murtazaev, I. Kamilov
Secretary: N. Abakarova
Vice Chairmen: N. Ashurbekov, S. Kallaev

International Advisory Committee

A. Askhabov, (Syktyvkar)
V. Brazhkin., (Troitsk)
V. Kveder, (Chernogolovka)
M. Sadovsky, (Yekaterinburg)
P. Arseev, (Moscow)
A. Borisov, (Yekaterinburg)
D. Khokhlov, (Moscow)
I. Abdulagatov, (Makhachkala)
D. Bataev, (Grozny)
V. Buchelnikov, (Chelyabinsk)
R. Vakhitov, (Ufa)
P. Vorontsov-Velyaminov, (St. Petersburg)
A. Zvezdin, (Moscow)
K. Kugel, (Moscow)
M. Rabadanov, (Makhachkala)
V. Ryzhov, (Troitsk)
S. Taskaev, (Chelyabinsk)
I. Tereshina, (Moscow)
V. Shavrov, (Moscow)

Program Committee

Chairman: A. Murtazaev
Vice Сhairman: K. Khizriev
Secretary: N. Abakarova
A. Aliev
A. Babaev
M. Badiev
I. Bychkov
Zh. Ibaev
M. Magomedov
K. Murtazaev
V. Mutailamov
M-Sh. Ramazanov
L. Saipulaeva

Important dates

Deadline for registration and submission of Abstracts – May 31, 2023

The registration fees

The conference fees include the following services:

  • Welcome reception on the first day of the conference 
  • Admission to the conference talks and poster sessions 
  • Conference bag including an abstract book 
  • Coffee breaks
  • Conference Dinner
  • Cultural program (excursion)
  • Accommodation September 10-15
  • Three meals a day

Full registration – 35000 Russian rubles

Accompanying person – 30000 Russian rubles

The registration fee can be paid by cash at conference desk

Conference Place

Hotel “Zhuravli” near Makhachkala, on the shores of the Caspian Sea.